A Heart Warming Compliment


A pleasing and heart warming compliment on the Fit Jazz forum from one of our Fit Jazz customers!  Thank you for your support! It is reviews like these that spur our passion to improve Autokinetics and serve our customers better! 🙂


I would like to compliment Auto Kinetics for their good customer service today.
I was at their shop this afternoon to check out the new ContiComfortContact 5 tyres.

a) As I wasn’t exactly sure if I needed a tyre change, Jake (one ofthe 3 bosses) offered to test drive my car. After the test drive, he commented that my current set of Goodyear Assurance tyres still looked ‘new’ with the treads left, and the decision was really up to me to change to the new CC5. There was absolutely no hard selling of any sort. 

b) It was a joy chatting with Jake and James (the technician) on tyres. Jake was also very patient when explaining to me the design of the CC5 and other stuff on honda fit as he owns the same car. It was all before I made up my mind to change my tyres.

c) James was very proficient when doing wheel balancing on all 4 wheel after changing to the new CC5 tyres. He even showed me that one of the rims appear to be ‘warped’ as it wasn’t rotating smoothly on the balancing machine. He seemed meticulous and careful doing balancing on each of the tyres. I have been to quite a number of ‘famous’ tyre and car workshops and they are always in a mad rush to do the wheel balancing and none seemed to bother to check if there’s anything amiss with the rims.

d) When I was concerned about my wheel alignment, Jake offered to help me check FOC using their latest machine. The machine looked so cool, really!

e) I met up with Wee (one of the 3 bosses too) towards the end and he seemed a friendly person. Chatted for a while and got to know how all 3 bosses met and set up this shop with passion.
They are all young university graduates by the way.

So in the end, I did take up their last set of 195/55/15 CC5 tyres. I must say that the customer service was excellent, the best I have encountered so far.


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  1. rezekiaman


    I would like to compliment Auto Kinetics for their good jobs and service today.
    Thanks to Mr. Wee, Jake and James.

    Congratulations to autokinetics for providing excellent service to me.

    Offered a very good price and service quality as well as free legal advice related to tire care.

    Their service are tip top .

    Their machine with the latest technology in wheel alignment also gives satisfaction to the driving and tire alignment done so perfectly .

    I do not hesitate to introduce autokinetics to others.

    Thanks again to Mr wee, Jake and James, and i wish you all good luck in the competitive business.

    I will come again .

    • Autokinetics

      Hi Rezekiaman, thank you for your kind comments. It was great chatting with you and we are glad to serve you too. Enjoy your new tyres!

  2. John Tan

    I am a return customer. I found auto kinetics by chance while surfing the net for tyre info about 2 years ago and got my Michelin PS3 from them at a real good price. No hard selling, no gimmicks, absolute technical professionalism and skills. Yesterday I return to their new outlet, now in Macpherson, and replaced with a new set of Conti sports contact 5. Consistent friendliness and good technical chit chat as usual with the guys there! I really hope you guys do well and stay in the business. There will be many more happy motorists in the country! thumbs up!

    • Autokinetics

      Thanks John for the feedback! We are glad that your experience here has been a pleasant one and we hope to have more happy customers visiting us!


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