Happy Mother’s Day (especially Mothers who drive)!!!

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all in one
all in one

In Afghanistan, Mothers walk great distances just to fetch jugs of water for their families. Some of us are fortunate to own cars here in Singapore, however that does not diminish the effort and dedication of mothers who drive.

Yes… they may or may not always be the best drivers on the road. But many go about their daily lives driving with a screaming toddler at the backseat, picking their other kid up from school and dropping him home, head to the supermarket for groceries with the toddler still screaming, rush back home to fetch another for tuition, then head to a tyre shop to get their tyres patched, proceed to retrieve her husband’s suits from the laundry, then head back to the tuition centre before finally reaching home to prepare dinner for the family.

Even those ‘nerves-of-steel’ NASCAR drivers might crack under the pressure. Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome Mothers out there!

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