Relief Aid for Thailand Flood Victims

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Cars submerged in floods waters at a Honda car factory outside Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok (AFP)

We have seen how severe the floods in Thailand are over the past weeks with people who are trapped in certain regions, risking electrocution, disease and lack of food and drinking water.

At Autokinetics, we believe that we can all do our part in giving back to society. We have purchased a container space and will be filling it with supplies. If you have clothes, food supplies such as tins of biscuits, or medical supplies, please donate them to Autokinetics at our shop at 290 Macpherson Road  within the next 2 weeks. All donations will go towards the relief aid for the flood victims in Thailand. Please donate only items which can still be used and strictly no cash donations. Thank you, your donations will go a long way in helping these flood victims… The Way It Should Be.

Floodwaters in Pathum Thani province, suburban Bangkok (AFP)
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