Happy Easter!

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AutoKinetics will be closed this Good Friday, 29 March 2013. 

Operations will resume Saturday 30 March 2013.

May your Easter be decorated with this season’s blessings. Have an Egg-citing and Egg-cellent Easter!


Easter car
Easter bunny car!

Box…. thank God for the box. Today an inconspicuous box took the podium spot for the most important object of the day.

As it were, it was nothing special. A white squarish box. Its only claim to fame was probably the fact that it once held 2 pieces of SSR type C rims which are no longer in production in the size 15×7″ ET 35. The last set of its kind in Singapore. But let’s not let the rims take the lime light.


It’s all about the big piece of folded cardboard…..

Today I had to save the pet Maltese belonging to my GF. While I have nothing against dogs, I strongly prefer them not being in my car. But what could I say. It was sick and it belonged to my GF. Hence the well being of my beloved car came in second.

1. Being my GF 2. My car… 3. The dog. …
While on the way to pick it up, I realized I had the box of rims in my car. Not wanting to get drool over my back seats, I removed the rims and placed the dog within.

Thank God for that. Halfway through the journey….. it vomited… into the box.


Yes it was a lowly cheap made-in-japan box. But today it was worth its weight in gold. This shows how simple things can be ever so important. There are other boxes in our lives that are worth so much, our houses for one which are really expensive for the younger generation to own and more importantly to Autokinetics.

The metal box we drive around in. With the new regulations in place by, our cars are ever so valuable to us. We can barely afford them anymore. So much for the dreams many of us are led to believe in.

But let’s not be disheartened. Because today a simple box has taught me to be happy with the simple things in life and that we should all be positive and make the best out of what we have.


Hence this brings me back to the SSR rims, it’s going on to a certain beloved vios. With specially indented Potenza RE-11A tyres saving 2.5 kg per wheel of my existing setup. New KW V3 suspension. Recaro seats and a tuned XXX hp engine and a 6-pot braking system.

They may have stopped us from getting a new car, but they aren’t going to stop us from having fun.

Let us all be thankful of what we have my friends and strive to make things better, because even if those who set the rules don’t seem to know what’s going on, we deserve to help ourselves. Fun is what we make of it.

Stay happy my friends and have a good long weekend break!


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