Dunlop Veuro VE302


The Veuro VE302 is developed by Dunlop to be the most comfortable and silent tyres in their arsenal. Let us find out what are the technologies implemented in to make this such a quiet tyre.


‘Acoustic Holography’ test for low noise

In designing the VE302, Dunlop developed an acoustic measuring device, “Acoustic Holography” to find a connection between visual control as a function of road noise level. As a result of the test, using simulated pattern shifting, Dunlop gave the VE302 a 5-staged mixed-shaped arrangement of angles and segments to achieve the optimal tyre groove arrangement.


In normal cruising over undulating terrain, Dunlop deduced that tyre noise is generated by the inner strip of the edge of the tyre. As such, a high rigidity material is used on the edges of the strip to reduce such noises. As the pressure of the edge of the strip compresses the mid-section of normal tyres, acoustic resonance will occur in the cavity area. As a result, Dunlop has added a special sound-absorbing sponge to spread the tyre impact and reduce tyre internal resonance.


Optimal groove design for stability on wet

In the development of the VE302, Dunlop has implemented an asymmetric 45% inner – 55% outer tread in order to achieve good all round handling technique and characteristic of the pattern. A 10% increase in rigidity of the longitudinal lateral tread pattern of the exterior block improves cornering, when the blocks are subjected to a larger ground contact area. Also, good water drainage is complemented by the medial and central part of the groove design, with channels designed to eject the water at along the orientation of the tread. With computer simulation, Dunlop has achieved an optimal compromise between grip and stability in the wet.



Very silent and comfortable


Excellent water drainage and stability on wet surfaces


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