Continental Comfort Contact 5

Quiet” & “Comfortable“; these are perennial questions we at Autokinetics are usually posed with. These are discerning drivers who are very sensitive to road noise, and demand tyres that are able to provide the best noise suppression in the market. These are the drivers who value comfort over other performance indexes provided by the manufacturer. The solution to these is the Continental Comfort Contact 5.


Marketed in the Asia-Pacific region under the ebony stallion Continental brand, the CC5 is designed for small to medium cars which usually possess high profile sidewalls, from profile 50 to profile 65. The CC5 features Continental’s proprietary “Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology” with “Noise Breakers” that works to break air waves along the longitudinal water channeling grooves.




Noise Breaker from Conti Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology

Breaks air-waves in longitudinal grooves


V-Shaped Siped inner ribs

Smooth rolling throughout the tyre circumferential


Advanced Silica Compound Technology

Minimized rolling resistance forces for better fuel efficiency and also lower CO2 emissions




Extremely Quiet Ride

Noise is drastically reduced without compromising on performance


Very Comfortable and Smooth Ride

Optimum driving comfort coupled with optimum safety performance


Fuel Saving

Silica compound greatly improves fuel economy

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