Wheel Alignment Service

Go for proper and precise Wheel Alignment Service with our top quality Hofmann i-Geoliner Wheel Alignment with 3-D technology machine from Germany.

Proper alignment saves you:

  • With fast readings from our hi-tech alignment machine with 4 cameras, you wouldn’t need to wait long durations to get your alignment done
  • Pin point accuracy means that accurate alignment can be carried out, reducing or eliminating the need to return for further adjustments

  • Avoid extensive damage to tyres if the wheels are properly aligned (poor alignment will cause uneven tyre wear and drastically reduce the tyre life)
  • Better fuel economy (poor alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres which makes your engine work harder)

From an uncomfortable or dangerous ride
  • If correctly aligned, it prevents the driver from the need to constantly fight the steering to keep the vehicle straight. This will help reduce driver fatigue and lower the potential risks of long term arm, shoulder or neck problems
  • Less noise as tyres are not rolling against each other (zero thrust angle)
  • With driver fatigue reduced and a vehicle that steers straight, correct wheel alignment will help improve your vehicle safety

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