Michelin Primacy HP (PHP)



Mileage, Comfort and Quietness

Thanks to the Supple yet rigid construction For the first time, a supple yet rigid tyre design has been implemented: a supple structure to ensure that the new Primacy HP has a very large ‘contact patch’ area, combined with a rigid tread pattern to ensure the rubber touching the road is operating at its full potential. This results in an extremely quiet and comfortable ride.

Perfect Balance

A new research process integrating three essential mechanisms used to balance a tyre’s performance, known as ASM: Architecture (structure), Sculpture (tread pattern) and Materials. The result is an unprecedented balance of performances without compromise.


Using exclusive Michelin rubber mixing technology, the tread materials are composed of a unique combination of ElastoSport, derived from the sport segment, and full silica.




Quiet and Comfort Ride


High Durability

MICHELIN Primacy HP lasts 25% longer on average compared to its principal competitors.


Better Wet Grip

Up to 2m shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor, the Pilot Primacy.



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